Specialty Wood Products

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Specialty Wood Products

Satterwhite stocks an amazing range of hard to find specialty woods that are perfect for log home interiors and architectural accents. These products are often used to add an elegant touch of rustic character to conventional homes and busineses.

Our buyers search the far corners of North America and beyond to obtain beautiful specialty woods. We source specialty products from small timber producers and sawmills that will never have the capacity to supply national lumber retailers and home centers.

Because Satterwhite markets nationally, we are a perfect match for forest product producers offering uncommon, native local species in limited, environment friendly, sustainable volumes.

These woods, from places like British Columbia, Oregon, California, Montana, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Maine, offer our customers outstanding variety and selection, and at the same time protect vital jobs in many small rural communities.

Products listed here are generally available, but supplies are sometimes seasonal or otherwise constrained. We warehouse many items in quantity; with many other specialized materials available by special order. Call Satterwhite today for details. See full contact info below.


Aspen Tongue and Groove Lumber 1x4 Aspen Tongue and Groove Beaded Lumber 1x4 Aspen Tongue and Groove Lumber 1x6 Aspen Tongue and Groove Lumber 1x8
1 x 4 1 x 4 Beaded 1 x 6 1 x 8

Aspen Ceilings in Girl's Bedroom
Aspen ceiling treatment in girl's bedroom.

Aspen Ceilings in Great Room
Beautiful aspen ceiling with round stock decorative rafters, plus character wood stairs.

Eastern Red Cedar

Easrtern Red Cedar 1x12
1 x 12

Cedar walls.
Rich cedar paneled walls with round stock posts and railings in an inviting loft.

Cedar pergola.
Satterwhite custom saws cedar components for architectural features like this impressive pergola.

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Lumber 1x6 Eastern White Pine Lumber 1x8
1 x 6 1 x 8

Eastern White Pine wall treatment.
Eastern White Pine -- painted red. Aspen ceiling with Spruce posts and rafters.

Blue Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine Lumber 1x6 Ponderosa Pine Lumber 1x8
1 x 6 1 x 8

Blue Ponderosa Pine wall treatment.
Blue Ponderosa Pine adds exotic natural color to this bedroom.

Scandinavian Spruce

Scandinavian Spruce 1x6 Scandinavian Spruce 1x6 with Beaded Reverse Scandinavian Spruce 1x8 Scandinavian Spruce 1x8 with Beaded Reverse
1 x 6 1 x 6 Beaded (Reversible) 1 x 8 1 x 8 Beaded (Reversible)

Scandinavian Spruce
Scandinavian Spruce is a versatile beauty wood, with option of reversable beaded finish.


Spruce 12x12
12 x 12

Smooth Round Stock

2.25 inch Smooth Round Stock 3 inch Smooth Round Stock 5 inch Smooth Round Stock 7 inch and larger Smooth Round Stock
2.25" 3" 5" 7", 9", 10", & 12"

Roundstock Wooden Half Log Stairs
Satterwhite roundstocks add a designer's touch to posts, beams, and half log stair components.

Roundstock Gazebo
Roundstock materials define this distinctive private pier and gazebo.

Drawknifed Round Stock

2.25 inch Drawknifed Round Stock 3 inch Drawknifed Round Stock 5 inch Drawknifed Round Stock 7 inch and larger Drawknifed Round Stock
2.25" 3" 5" 7", 9", 10", & 12"

Drawknife Handworked Wood
All Satterwhite drawknifed components are worked by hand, never machine distressed.

Tree Stock

Tree Stock Large Tree Stock Juniper Posts
Diameters up to 36" Juniper - 3" to 12"

Treestock Fireplace Mantle
Treestock is the ultimate statement in natural character woods.
Satterwhite custom saws specialty items like this quarter log fireplace mantle.

Wood Kitchen Counter Top
Wood is a proven surface for counter tops and bar tops, plus decorative trim.

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