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Satterwhite Log Homes
Privacy Policy

Satterwhite Log Homes recognizes the importance of customer trust in our handling of personal information. The following statement discloses what information is collected by this website and how it is used.


Satterwhite Log Homes believes in treating our customers with respect. We do not practice high pressure sales tactics, and we will not use information collected by the website except for the specific reason which you give it. We never share any personally identifiable information collected on our website with any other company or organization. We do not track personally identifiable information except to the extent necessary to render services which you request (such as your name and address when you order a brochure or video). Satterwhite Log Homes maintains a maximum security (128-bit) SSL server and current security certificate, issued by Verisign, in order to insure that significant personal information submitted to our website is protected to the limits of available technology.


Collection and Use of Information

Information is collected at several points on the Satterwhite Log Homes website. Personally identifiable information is used only for purposes which site visitors submit it. Satterwhite Log Homes never discloses information collected on our website to any third party.

Satterwhite Log Homes is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and pledges to conduct ourselves in a responsible manner as good citizens of the net. To this end, we subscribe to a higher standard of ethics beyond what is currently required by law, and subscribe to the principles set forth by leading Internet watchdog groups and privacy organizations.

Satterwhite never purchases e-mail lists, conducts mass unsolicited e-mailings, or divulges information submitted in trust by visitors to our own website.

Furthermore, we pledge to operate our opt-in mail lists in a responsible manner and to diligently maintain our systems to the utmost of our ability in order to insure that visitors to our site are treated with respect, including future requests for no contact, and also to be responsible in our use of Internet bandwidth.

Satterwhite Log Homes performs server log analysis only in order to optimize and improve our website. We do not associate server log data with any individual.

Unlike many organizations, all portions of the Satterwhite Log Homes website is delivered by servers dedicated to Satterwhite Log Homes only, and which are entirely under our control both physically and electronically. Our equipment is not contracted out or co-located in another company's offices, and it is not accesible by anyone except employees of Satterwhite Log Homes.

Specific elements of the Satterwhite Log Homes website may be delivered by agreement with various Internet infrastructure carriers. The purpose of these delivery agreements is to speed delivery of media elements of the page and enhance visitor experience. Satterwhite Log Homes takes care in third-party vendor selection and agreements to insure that none of our content is ever modified or linked to any third party information harvesting system through cookies or any other technology.

Except as noted below*, there is no content on our website, such as page counters, Java code, JavaScript, graphics, or invisible pixels that is delivered by third party servers or services. This type of content is frequently exposed to be carrying cookies that enable the third party company to track and profile individuals across multiple domains and to profile their interests. Satterwhite Log Homes website does not include content of this type, and we do not embed any content from other domains/companies into our web pages.

There are a few exceptions where content from outside Satterwhite Log Homes is included on this website. On pages with travel directions, such as Satterwhite location maps and trade show destinations, we have in some cases included maps and weather information information. At the time these convenience features were added to the Satterwhite Log Homes website, the incorporation of these links did not cause a cookie to be set from either service provider.

In addition, Satterwhite Log Homes uses Google Analytics services to measure utilization of this web site. To this end, Google Analytics uses cookie technology to collect anonymous traffic data.

Over time, the Satterwhite website will include new features and additional technology. We pledge to encorporate these enhancements in a responsible manner consistent with the privacy priorities expressed here.


It is the goal of Satterwhite Log Homes to answer inquiries in a promt and courteous manner. Our sales activites do not include high pressure or "prospecting". We try to make it easy for visitors to our website to ask questions or request information or a contact. Other than these specific visitor initiated contacts, we do not have any systematic program of contact, and any communication instiaged by Satterwhite would be extraordinary and unusual.

Visitors to our website can subscribe to one of our available public mail lists. This request will result in ongoing contact. Our e-mail list servers are diligently maintained, with unsubscribe procedures noted on each message, and prompt personal attention available from our listmaster by request.

Information orders placed on the Satterwhite website are fulfilled by office staff, with prompt handling being our goal, and daily shipments via UPS, USPS, FedEx, and AirBorne.

Satterwhite may make future announcemnents via e-mail addresses submitted to the website, but any such announcments would be infrequent (rare, if ever) and respect any request to have an address removed from such a mailing.

Sattewrhite maintains other direct mail lists, and as visitors to the website become customers, the information originally collected on the website may be used for purposes such as our Christmas Card list.

In the future, Satterwhite may use the Internet and e-mail for additional functions related to customer support. For instance, since we recommend regularly scheduled maintenance for such things as coating systems on our homes, we may someday begin to send timed reminders to existing customers via e-mail.

Information Package and eCommerce Orders

Our information kit order form includes questions, personal information, and credit card information. These questions help us understand your circumstances and wishes. Some questions pertain to our advertising, and help us measure effectiveness. The purpose of most questions is self-evident. A full name and address is required for delivery of requested materials, along with credit card information for payment. We do not accept C.O.D. orders, but do offer the option to pay in advance by check, if desired.

Satterwhite Log Homes maintains a maximum security (128-bit) SSL server and current security certificate, issued by Verisign, in order to insure that significant personal information submitted to our website is protected to the limits of available technology. Transactions to this server are always conducted at under our own domain name, with URLs beginning <>. To verify the validity of our security systems, this website incorporates links to the Verisign certificate authority by which the currency of our credentials may be validated and confirmed.

Mail Lists

Satterwhite Log Homes operates two mail lists for people who are interested in log home living and construction. A mail list is like a public meeting or a radio talk show: many people are listening to what is being said. You are anonymous unless you choose to speak out in public. One of our lists is moderated, the other is not. The moderated list, LogTalk, is edited into an extended question and answer format, where numerous individual questions are collected into a single e-mail. The unmoderated list, Builder, is not edited, and has much less structure than LogTalk, with little restraint on what is said or posted to the group.

LogTalk is the main Satterwhite Log Homes e-mail newsletter. In it, we help people who are planning to build a log home with detailed information -- an ongoing question and answer session. Thousands of people subscribe. LogTalk is a moderated list server. This works like a radio talk show where there is a screener who qualifies calls. We try to address all questions, on-list as often as possible, or off-list in some situations, such as questions which have been thoroughly addressed by the list in recent issues. The LogTalk list has a published terms of service which are consistent with well established Internet rules of "netiquite". Because LogTalk is moderated, it is free from the nusiances of many mail lists such as flaming and off-topic posts. Another benefit is assured privacy: we do not publish e-mail addresses of people who write to the list (only name, city, and state are revealed). This protects you, and it protects us (other log home dealers have been known to monitor LogTalk in an effort to harvest sales leads).

Satterwhite Log Homes sponsors a separate open list called "Builder" which is an unmoderated list where anyone can post. Since this list is not moderated, participants will see the e-mail addresses of anyone who posts (although they cannot see e-mail addresses of people who simply join, but do not send a public message to the list). It is not possible to get your e-mail address on the builder list by accident. The only way to join the Builder list is by first joining the moderated LogTalk list. Your welcome message from the LogTalk list server will contain additional information about the Builder list, and the steps you must take to join. Although Builder is unmoderated, and may not be closely monitored by Satterwhite Log Homes, it does have a published terms of service based on well established Internet rules of netiquite. If inappropriate conduct is detected or reported, then Satterwhite Log Homes reserves the right to an appropriate remedy, including barring individual users from posting, or terminination of list privlidges.


Cookies are bits of data stored in your web browser that can enhance the level of service we are able to provide via our website. Cookies set by the Satterwhite Log Homes website are detailed below. Satterwhite does not use cookies to track personally identifiable data.

You do not have to accept cookies from Satterwhite Log Homes, but they can significantly improve your experience on our website, as detailed below.

All cookies set by the Satterwhite Log Homes website are clearly identified as being from We do not allow access by any third party website or organization to our web pages or servers, except as explicitly itemized below.

Satterwhite Log Homes uses Google Analytics to measure usage of our website. To this end, a cookie is set linking pages on our website to the Google Analytics engine. This cookie collects anonymous traffic data only. No personally identifiable information is collected.

The Satterwhite website may contain links to external websites. The pages where these links occur are clearly marked as leading off the Satterwhite website and to a website owned by another company. Satterwhite Log Homes has no control over the use of cookies on any website other than our own.

Cookies Set by the Satterwhite Website

--> txmiles
--> utmiles
--> state

Pricing for materials orders on the Satterwhite website does not include delivery charges. Since this can be an important consideration, we have incorporated a proximity database which will calculate the approximate number of miles from our manufacturing facility in Utah and our warehouses in Longview to your building site. When you enter the zip code for the area where you intend to build, our web server sets three cookies in your browser: the mileage from Satterwhite Texas, the mileage from Satterwhite Utah, and your state.

Once these cookies are set, as you continue to browse our website, this information is used for several purposes:

1) State -- Satterwhite sells log home materials packages nationwide, but contracting of constructed shells (labor) is limited to specific states only. When the state cookie is present in your browser, our web server will customize your views of each floorplan and other information on the Satterwhite website so that you get only the information specific to your particular situation.

Your state setting can also affect pricing, because materials delivered to certain states are shipped mill-direct from the Satterwhite manufacturing facility in Utah, rather than first trucking the logs to our warehouse in Texas.

2) Mileage -- Delivery charges are calculated on mileage from our facility to your building site and are based on the formula: Miles x #truckloads x $price per mile. When the mileage distance to your building site is set as a cookie in your browser, our web server will calculate approximate delivery charges for you specifically, on each home individually, as you view our website. The per mile charges on delivery may vary due to the volatility of fuel prices, but our website will always be current. Without these mileage cookies, you will only be told the number of truckloads required to deliver the home, and must call the office for a delivery quotation.

Note: These services by the Satterwhite website are for convenience only. Actual final pricing will be determined at the time your contract is signed.

--> lastvisit
--> thisvisit

The Satterwhite website contains a "What's New" report on the front page of the site. These two cookies are used together in order to report to you personally about the things that are new since your last visit. This way, you get real news, not a long list of things you may already know.

--> sales

This is an optional cookie that can only be set after you have established a relationship with one of the Satterwhite sales people. The way we work is to make someone specific at our company responsible to you individually. The first time you contact Satterwhite Log Homes, whether by phone, in person, responding to a magazine ad, or visiting with us at a trade show, it is likely that we assigned one of the sales people to your account. This keeps us organized and helps make sure that nothing drops between the cracks.

The purpose of the sales cookie is purely as a convenience to you as you browse our website. There are many places on the Satterwhite website where there is a generic e-mail address link for more information. If you make an inquiry to this generic address, it will delay a reply, because our staff must first attempt to determine which sales person has been assigned, and then redirect your request to them. If you cannot be identifed from your e-mail, then your inquiry will be randomly assigned to one of the sales people, like drawing a name from a hat. This can lead to confusion over time because there is no continuity and you are not guaranteed a response from someone who is familiar with your project.

When the sales cookie is set in your browser, then our webserver is able to substitute the e-mail address of your specific salesman everywhere on our website in place of the generic inquiry address. When you shoot us a message, you can be sure it will go straight to your assigned sales consultant - even if you have lost track of their name.

Note: this cookie does not identify you, it simply identifies your salesman. Please be sure to include your name and other information in your e-mail message so that we can avoid confusion and errors.

Because assignment of sales representative is handled from all forms of contact, not just the Internet, you can only set this cookie after visiting with your Satterwhite sales rep and obtaining their personal code and entering it on the form provided on their personal profile page of the Satterwhite website.

Demographic Information

The Satterwhite Log Homes website does not collect or publish significant demographic information. Such data might be useful as part of the mortgage process, but Satterwhite does not provide financing or partner with financial vendors. All financial aspects of buying a home are the customer's responsibility.

The Satterwhite website may, in the future, contain a nationwide pin map showing the distribution of Satterwhite homes in the United States and across the world. No individually identifiable customer information will be associated with this illustration.

For reasons of customer privacy, Satterwhite does not publish customer lists on the website or elsewhere.

Satterwhite does operate a customer referral network. This program is strictly voluntary, and is limited to existing Satterwhite customers who volunteer to show their homes to prospective customers. Generally, the purpose of this program is to help people see a Satterwhite home first hand without travelling to see our offices and show home in Longview, Texas. Even with the customer referral network, we never publish names and addresses. Visits are coordinated through the office only, to insure that the homes are shown by appointment with the existing customer and homeowner, and that the particular home shown is well matched to the needs of the potential customer.

These policies are conservative and respectful of existing customers. They prevent unexpected "tourists" and "drop-ins" and since the visitors must be prequalified by Satterwhite sales, they prevent mismatched showings that might cause discomfort for homeowners.

Log Files

Satterwhite Log Homes does not use server logs, IP addresses, ISP, cookies, or browser type for purposes of linking the information to personally identifiable information. We do not track personally identifiable information.

Web server logs are analyzed to establish trends, administer the site, track effectiveness of various features of the site, and gather broad information such as browser capabilities and connection speed. The purpose of this is limited to placing a valuation on the website and to help shape future development of the website.

Sharing of Information

Satterwhite Log Homes does not share information from our website with other companies.

Satterwhite will cooperate fully with law enforcment under court order or subpoena. Duly designated legal authority takes precedence over all Satterwhite non-disclosure policy.

Unauthorized Use

This website is provided as a service to customers and prospective customers of Satterwhite Log Homes.

No provision of this Privacy Statement should be construed as a protection for any unauthorized use. We reserve the right to conduct any level of investigation in order to document and seek remedy and compensation for any unauthorized use of our servers or network. This would include, but not be limited to, identifying and prosecuting any party who seeks to gain unauthorized access to our computer systems, to mount a denial of service attack on our network, or to utilize our mail or list servers to relay or transmit unsolicated commercial e-mail.


Satterwhite Log Homes does not track individually identifiable information and does not conduct website visitor profiling. The server log analysis package that we use does have the capability to do "clickstream analysis", but we never associate this information with a particular individual. Our limitied application and use of this feature is simply to evaluate what portions of our website are most popular with customers and how site visitors prioritize their visit to our site.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Not applicable. No private information is collected or published by the Satterwhite website.

Satterwhite Log Homes supports efforts to make the Internet safe for a family audience. Our website has been submitted to RSAC, a voluntary rating service adoped by Microsoft and supported in Internet Explorer. Although the Satterwhite Log Homes website is completly "G" rated, it is important for all websites appropriate for families to submit to review in order that activating parental controls in the browser does not cripple the good along with the bad and thus frustrate efforts to protect children from inappropriate content.


The Satterwhite Log Homes website may contain helpful links to websites for other companies. The Privacy practices embraced and outlined in this document apply to the Satterwhite Log Homes website only. You should consult the Privacy Statement of all other websites for assurances offered by those organizations. Satterwhite Log Homes does not investigate, endorse, or monitor the privacy practices, policy, or procedures of any other company or website, including those linked from within our own website.

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