Satterwhite Seminar
Salt Lake City, Utah

Saturday, September 15, 2018
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What to expect: The Satterwhite Seminar as an instructional program covering practical aspects of building log homes and log cabins. The course covers a lot of ground fast, and can save months of research time.

To register, call Satterwhite Log Homes toll free at (800) 777-7288.

 Event Satterwhite Seminar
Salt Lake City, Utah
Saturday, September 15th

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 Location Hyatt House
9685 Monroe Street
Sandy, Utah 84070

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Join us in Sandy, Utah, for the 2018 Satterwhite Seminar.

What you'll learn:
Three ways to purchase a Satterwhite log home and which one is right for you

Developing a viable floorplan, along with design tips.

How to accurately budget and estimate the cost of a log home.

Financing a log home.

Demystifying contracts, the loan application process, and appraisal values.

What's involved in site preparation.

Foundation options.

The Satterwhite log: why we use dead-standing Engelmann sourced in Utah and surrounding states, and the profiles and sizes available.

The proper care of logs, before during, and after construction.

Finishing the interior or your home... what options are available.
Included in Registration

Your registration fee includes two meals (breakfast & lunch), a package of home planning supplies (one per family - black zippered project binder, the complete Satterwhite literature package, scale stick, etc.).
 Sponsor Satterwhite Log Homes
 Register by Mail 911 East Highway 89N
Gunnison, Utah 84634
 Registration (800) 777-7288
 Cost $25 per person
 From Satterwhite
Sam Satterwhite
Sam Satterwhite
Brett Belnap
Brett Belnap
(Scheduled to attend at time of notice posting.)

Satterwhite Seminars and Workshops 2018
Salt Lake City, Utah
Saturday, September 15th
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