Satterwhite Seminar & Workshop
Longview, Texas

October 2-3, 2020
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What to expect: The Satterwhite Seminar and Workshop is the most in-depth program produced and presented by Satterwhite Log Homes covering specific hands-on aspects of building using the Satterwhite building system. The course covers a lot of ground fast, and can save months of research time.

The first day (Friday) features the full Satterwhite Log Homes Seminar presented by Sam Satterwhite. The second day (Saturday) is divided into elective tracts on a wide variety of topics.

Want to know more about how house logs are manufactured? Join Sam Satterwhite for a tour of our Longview mill and watch as logs are made.

Inside, choose between three breakout sessions each hour. A wide range of topics include such things as financing, planning & design, finish contracting, etc.

Satterwhite salesmen are on hand for personal attention. Sign up for one-on-one discussion of your project.

Bring your camera - the Workshop includes a whirlwind tour of a wide assortment of Satterwhite homes and specialty log buildings.

The Workshop also includes an evening cookout at the Double S Ranch.

Due to the nature of this program, the Satterwhite Workshop is offered only in Longview, Texas. If travel or Workshop dates are not convenient for you, see our show schedule for upcoming Satterwhite Seminar dates in other cities.

To register, call Satterwhite Log Homes toll free at (800) 777-7288.

 Event Satterwhite Seminar & Workshop
Longview, Texas
October 2-3, 2020

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 Location Satterwhite Log Homes
8405 US Highway 259
Longview, Texas 75605

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Day 1 (Friday): SEMINAR - What you'll learn:

  • Three ways to purchase a Satterwhite log home and which one is right for you
  • Selecting the right floor plan for your property
  • How to accurately budget and estimate the cost of a log home
  • What's involved in site preparation
  • Foundation options.
  • The Satterwhite log: why we use Dead Standing Timber, and the profiles and sizes available.
  • The proper care of logs, before, during, and after construction.
  • Finishing the interior of your home... what options are available.
  • Two home tours - lunch and late afternoon. See a wide range of sizes, options, and ideas. (Bring your camera!)
  • Meet existing Satterwhite homeowners, ask about their experience. These previous customers often bring photo albums.
  • Meet industry vendors such as Perma-Chink Systems, get expert advice on their extensive product line, including coating systems and maintenance products.
  • Cookout at the Double S Ranch - a great way to end the day! (Friday Evening)
About the Seminar
In a classroom setting, Sam Satterwhite, founder and president, speaks in morning and afternoon sessions, sharing his experience with thousands of log homes and covering practical aspects of building a log home. Sam's down-to-earth style will help you understand many details on how to translate your ideas into efficient, economical action and clarifies what to expect during the construction phase. You will leave with a better understanding and overview of the homebuilding process, something sure to benefit whether you ultimately build a log home or a conventional house. Year after year, this seminar draws outstanding marks - and many people choose to attend more than once!

We knock ourselves out to have great food and a great program. Chartered buses are at standby after lunch to do a whirlwind tour of homes before the afternoon seminar session. At the conclusion of Sam's afternoon presentation, we board the buses again for another home tour before ending the night at a catered dinner at the Satterwhite Ranch, complete with a hayride, and opportunity to see three additional houses.

Take home resources:
The seminar includes a comprehensive full color workshop manual which follows Sam's presentation and gives ample space for notes. We also provide a plan book, full color brochure, project portfolio, scale stick, and ink pen.

Day 2 (Saturday): WORKSHOP - What you'll do:

Saturday is structured to offer personalized choices. After breakfast and quick tour of our manufacturing and warehouse operations, the balance of the day gives you a huge range of optional activities, with your choice of hourly breakout sessions in three different presentation areas, live construction demonstrations, an opportunity to meet one on one with various experts like design, finance, or a Satterwhite salesman to address details of your personal project (sign up early - appointments can fill fast!). We work hard to continuously improve the seminar. Breakout sessions change, as do details of our construction exhibition. One thing that never changes - exhaustion! The most consistent comment we get is how much there is to see and do. Prepare for a great time - and great food, too!

  • Tour the planer mill with Sam Satterwhite, see house log manufacture process.
  • Do-It-Yourselfer Track - Demonstrated by an expert Satterwhite crew. Materials, tools, & techniques.
  • Advanced building presentation by Gene Cooper, our manager of construction operations.
  • Inside - Breakout Sessions for in-depth details covering a variety of topics. Three simultaneous sessions each hour - something for everyone.
  • One-on-One - sign up to visit with a Satterwhite salesman about specifics of your project.
Satterwhite Workshop vs. Satterwhite Seminar
Satterwhite Seminars are one day events presented in cities across the country. See our trade show calendar for the location nearest you.

Satterwhite Workshops are two day events. The first day is the normal Satterwhite Seminar, followed by a second full day Workshop described above. Due to their nature, Satterwhite Workshops are presented only in Longview, Texas, the headquarters of Satterwhite Log Homes.

What to Bring
We recommend you bring a camera, a comfortable pair of shoes suitable for walking home tours and uneven ground at construction sites, plus a sweater or light jacket. We schedule the Satterwhite Seminar and Workshop in spring and fall hoping for nice weather, but rain and muddy conditions are possible. Something with sleeves will insure you are comfortable in group meeting rooms.
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Longview, TX 75605
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 Cost $50 per person
Includes 5 meals
Friday: Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at the Double-S Ranch
Saturday: Continental Breakfast and Lunch

 From Satterwhite
Sam Satterwhite
Sam Satterwhite
(Scheduled to attend at time of notice posting.)

Satterwhite Seminars and Workshops 2020
Longview, Texas
Friday, October 2nd + Saturday, October 3rd
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